Roblox Mother and Son Team

Just around 2 weeks ago, my son Blake introduced me to a wonderful world of Roblox. And boy, I got hooked. The first game we played was McDonalds Tycoon, Blake showed me the ropes and I finished the game with flying colors, LOL.

The game I really enjoy is the Retail Tycoon. I love how my sone and I can be on a same world (server). Below is a photo of me and Blake sitting on a bench in my store. Haha!

What’s really cool about these roblox games is you and your son can be on a same team. You can help each other out on obbies (obstacle course) and can even challenge each other. The point is even online you can have quality time and your bond will grow, expressing your love is possible too! 

I’m just pleased that my son wanted to bond with me online too as much as he wants in real life. 

What do you think about this online bond thingy, is it good or bad? Share your thoughts!


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